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Gießen Dry Gin - Titelbild

To excellent,
elementary moments!

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That's why this distillate

We share the love for Gin and for our hometown Gießen. Our enthusiasm for brands and products inspired us to this project out of passion.

Gin is an element of Gi(eße)n and we would like to introduce this essence to all connoisseurs of high-quality juniper distillates.

Distillation process

Gießen Dry Gin

A fruity complex „New Western“

In a meticulous search for the perfect taste, we have chosen ingredients that characterise our home in central Hessen and have accompanied us since childhood.

In addition to the juniper berry, Dry Gin also emphasises the wonderful fruit combination of apple and rhubarb and refines it florally with elegant hibiscus blossoms and eight other exquisite supporting botanicals.

Gießen Dry Gin - Laborflaschen

Gießen Dry Gin

Distillation process

The Giessen Dry Gin is made according to our own recipe most carefully by hand in central Hesse - in one of the oldest distilleries in the world.

All ingredients are of natural origin and are first macerated for a while in neutral alcohol. Then the mixture is gently heated in a copper pot and finely distilled in a single-batch process in small batches (maximum 1,500 bottles), by people with a lot of ambition and love for high-quality spirits.

Gießen Spirits Gründer: Yan-Tobias Ramb & Michael Karber


The gin of our life

Our journey began on New Year's Eve 2016, when in the early morning hours of the following year, with a Gin & Tonic in our hand, the idea and the decision to have our own GI-N matured. Not all ideas, which develop in such moments, ever reach an implementation ;-)
However, we have stuck to this passionate crazy idea and after exciting gin-distillation seminars, months of full length recipe development and a lot of love for design, we released the Giessen Dry Gin in October 2018.

Yan-Tobias Ramb & Michael Karber

Gießen Spirits Logo
Justus Liebig



The GI-N is dedicated to the world-famous chemist and most famous citizen of our city - Justus Liebig.

His research, development and teaching in Giessen has produced many innovations that have lastingly changed the world: Meat extract, silver mirror, mineral fertilizers, baking powder and improved elemental analysis are just a few of them. Our bottle shape and many design elements therefore refer to Liebig and pay homage to him and his work.

On the next page you can learn more about our design elements.

Everything else about Justus Liebig here.




For connoisseurs of detail-loving designs and watchful researchers there is so much to discover on our bottle: The first chemical clues to the city of origin can be found in the Giessen car license plate GI with a lowered N. With a suitable light source, the picture of Liebig's analytical laboratory with its many bright heads can be switched on and off by yourself.
In addition, the amazing mild (please test pure!) 46% volume is a tribute to our favourite basketball club and the symbol of the five-ball apparatus is a reminder of one of Liebig's greatest inventions. We also find it extremely fitting that only a pharmacist's bottle can fit here. Perhaps there is even more to discover …

Serve & Drinks


The variety of a good gin is used in its preparation. Whether pure, on ice, as an innovative cocktail or of course the most famous long drink in the world with variations of tonics, botanicals, infusions and more, we would like to invite all connoisseurs to experiment.

We are happy about the many variations that reach us, because they also make every drink unique.

We show you the real GI&T Signature Serve and many more elementary mixes.

Our map with trade and gastronomy partners is currently being worked on and will be available soon!

Sources of supply

Trade, Gastronomy and Online

Personal and close to the dealer you trust. Simply online easy right in front of your door or directly to the bar on site? Many ways lead to opportunities to enjoy, gifts for connoisseurs and - above all - to elementary moments.

Of course it is available in foreign countries, please contact us for further informations or check our online shop. Cheers!

Trade & Gastronomy: you already have the GI-N and would like to appear here? You still want it? Just contact us at!


On elementary moments

Gießen Spirits
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